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Rice Lake SURVIVOR® Truck Scales are known as the Toughest Scales on Earth®. They are designed to provide reliable performance, less downtime, and longer scale life.

Design Considerations

Steel Deck Scales - Easy to install and ready for use. Road surface is more resistant to chiping and cracking. Easier to relocate.

Concrete Deck Scales - Natural non-skid road surface. Requires time for deck to cure before use.

Above Ground Scales - Eliminates most drainage issues. Requires more space (ramps). Requires a smaller construction effort.

In-Ground Scales - Requires a drainage system (gravity or pumped). Requires less space (no ramps). Requires a larger construction effort.

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Rice Lake Advantages

Strength - The SURVIVOR OTR features wide-flange beams on 11.5-inch centers run longitudinally with the traffic flow. Steel deck scales use a 5/16-inch deck plate for increased life.

Long Life - SURVIVOR OTR truck scales are designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 trucks per day for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue. SURVIVOR OTR truck scales also include a lightning protection package.

Rust Prevention - The SURVIVOR OTR features an open-bottom design, eliminating the cavity where rust-causing moisture can collect. Rice Lake also coats all non-visible steel surfaces and undersides, adding extra protection.

Surface Finish - RICE LAKE truck scales go through an extensive finishing process: blast-cleaning, coating adhesion preparation, high-solids urethane primer and paint application, plus undercoating.

Load Cell Pockets - Top access load cell pockets are made with heavy-duty steel plates incorporated into the design of the scale, adding extraordinary strength and integrity to a critical area of the weighbridge.

Self Checking - RICE LAKE’s G-Force™ self-checking mounting system eliminates excess movement without check rods or bumper bolts.

Non Proprietary - SURVIVOR OTR truck scales use load cells that are widely available from numerous manufacturers. This means you will never be locked in to a service provider.


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