CheckWeigh Scale

Weigh scale calibration ensures performance and reduces losses. Meridian Scale strictly follows all testing and calibration requirements set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST Handbook-44).

Calibration results, including "As Found" and "As Left" data, are stored electronically and can be easily accessed through a convenient web interface. Repair work is detailed and ensures long term performance. Most service requests are handled the same day.

Emergency Service

For many buisnesses the loss of a scale means a loss of income. Meridian scale understands this and puts a high priority on getting our customers up and running. Service representatives can be reached 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, simply by calling our toll free number. Our service is fast and depandable. Our prices are affordable.

Crane Scales

Planned Service Program

Our planned service and calibration program is a non-contractual pricing agreement. It covers scheduled maintenance from twice anually, up to as often as is needed. All calibrations are documented and recorded for future retrival. The program offers fixed rate pricing and discounts on repairs and new equipment.

  • Scheduled Visits
  • Flat-rate Pricing
  • Traceable Accuracy
  • Online Records
  • Discounts on Repairs and New Equipment

Wheelchair Scale

Save Money by Shipping Scales

Meridian Scale regularly performs work on customer equipment at it's facilities. Equipment is shipped to us via UPS. This eliminates Technician travel time and greatly reduces costs. Scales are typically sent back the next day.


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